Are you bored of the gym? Tired of the same old routine and not getting the results you are looking for?
CrossFit offers a new approach to training, it’s fun, it’s different, it will increase your bodies ability to perform daily
tasks and it provides a constant progression and development. It’s for everyone and our community it what makes
us so unique. Here’s more reasons why you need Aphobos CrossFit in your life.

Why join Aphobos CrossFit?

8 reason why you should join


It will blast calories and weight off of you!

The High Intensity we bring to workouts allows us to burn a high number of calories and fat. The majority of our WOD’s (Workouts of the Day) are normally of a short period (5-15 minutes) as we see most people develop a strong physical conditioning from training at high intensities by creating changes in your metabolic pathway (the rate at which you burn calories). So even after we’ve finished working out you’ll keep blasting fat when you are resting.


You’ll be the fittest you have ever been!

Your heart rate will remain elevated during the entire workout, this increases your endurance and improves the bodies ability to develop a better level of cardiovascular respiratory (the ability of the circulatory and respiratory systems to supply oxygen to skeletal muscles during sustained physical activity).
You’ll notice a huge difference in the way you feel, your body shape and your fitness level in the first few months after joining CrossFit.


It will increase the mobility of your joints

In CrossFit we perform every movement under a ‘Full Range of Motion’, this forces muscle synergy. Fundamentally at Aphobos CrossFit we want to increase the ability to live a fuller life, we design movements to take the body through the widest range possible, for example we swap a bicep curl for a Power Clean.
Moving through a full range of motion increase proprioception (awareness of your body in space) and coordination.


The community

The Aphobos CrossFit atmosphere is unique and very diverse. You’ll find a Mum of 4, an Ex-Marine, A Fireman, Grandad’s and everyone else in between! We perform our WOD’s like that of a sports team. Everyone supports each other, pushes each other, cheers and wants each other to do well, of course there is a sense of competition but in the best possible way.


It is fun!

Aphobos CrossFit WOD’s (Workout of the Day) are always different, so there’s no chance of getting bored from doing the same routine day. One day you are Flipping Tyres, Lifting Weights, Performing Pull Ups and Sweating away at burpees with a smile on your face! And because it is scalable, people of all abilities and all ages can do it.


New friends

Whether you like it or not, you’ll feel like you have a new family! You’ll meet people with the same values and passions as you, people who want to make their life better, people that inspire you and people that motivate you. The community will keep you coming back, day after day!


You’ll get ripped!

Everyone in CrossFit starts somewhere and without knowing it, if you work hard you will start to see your body go through an amazing change. We don’t train to look good, but the way we perform movements has an amazing affect on your bodies muscular development twined with the ability to burn fat. You’ll soon be ripping your top off and showing off your abs!


It will change your life!

It’s hard to explain all the ways Aphobos CrossFit can change your life; the way you approach food and nutrition will change, you’ll teach your family, your kids and the next generation what is right and what is wrong. Once you CrossFit you will never stop, the type of fitness we encourage, the ability to keep reaching goals. CrossFit is empowering and will help boost your confidence, you’ll feel incredibly accomplished.

Our Facility

Our top of the range 2500sqft facility, fully equipped with @AgainFasterEU equipment, 7 Olympic Lifting Platforms, 1 Gymnastic Rigs provides the ability to offer a variation to delivering strength & conditioning programs for our members. We have a 3 floor building, allowing us to work classes and modalities from each floor, there will always be a class that will suit your needs.
We utilise CrossFit as our main strength & conditioning methodology delivering high intensity functional movements, with multiple supporting programs.

Physio and Sports Massage

We also offer physio support and sports massage therapy.
Placing the body in its optimum environment, by improving its structure and function / anatomy to enable your body to function for everyday life.


Any Questions for the Aphobos Team?

Please contact the team and we will be able to answer any questions you might have and get you started.

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