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Firstly congratulations on becoming a mummy. It’s seriously one of the best gifts you will ever receive. However as Mums ourselves, we know just how exciting and over-whelming it can be – especially when you add looking after yourself into the equation, which is exactly why we have created these postpartum exercise classes for you and your baby!

These classes are your chance to get your body and your confidence back. Your body has gone through some dramatic changes during pregnancy and birth, so we’re here to share our knowledge and experience to help you get your post-baby body back safely and as quickly as possible – without having too spend hours in the gym or away from your baby!

Meet Gemma 

Gemma Bailey - Postpartum Classes Bromley
As someone who has been an ‘athlete’ for a long time, competing in sport has been something that is important to me and I am passionate about.

“During pregnancy, the changes in my training, my body and mind-set were  incredible. Now in the early stages of my postpartum journey, training has created a new challenge. Physically I feel much prouder of what I achieve (I know how hard it has been to achieve it!) and I feel much more inspiring to my Son – showing him what I am capable of whilst managing all other areas of my life”. Gemma is mum of one to Jude, 14 weeks old.

Meet Lucy

Postpartum Bromley Classes

Lucy Miller (Goodman) Postpartum Bromley Classes

As an ex-National Gymnast, runner, gym-addict and Fitness and Nutrition Journalist, Lucy is mum of two to Lacie, 4 and Elliot, 18 months. She likes to train 4 times a week and run twice a week.

“I found it hard to see my body change when pregnant and post-pregnancy, but do trust the process. You WILL and you CAN feel stronger than before – just because we are mothers, it doesn’t mean our lives are over!”


The course includes:
  • – Baby Massage
  • – Education to get back to the gym safely
  • – Repaiting Diastasis
  • – Pelvic Floor, Core and Joint Care
  • – Nutrition advice for Breastfeeding & Weight Loss
  • – Get FIT!
*Starts 12th June 2018, every Tuesday 10.30am – 11.30am
****** £80 for 6 week program ******

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