We take pride in the extensive and diverse knowledge our coaches bring to Aphobos CrossFit, with a wealth of knowledge and
experience, for you as a member we can provide the ability to train and improve any area of your health and fitness.


Owner & Head Coach

Aphobos CrossFit was created by Owner and Head Coach Gemma Bailey. Gemma Bailey came from a semi-professional sporting background and found CrossFit in the mid 2000’s, the competition, mental toughness …


New Business and Sales Director &
Aphobos CrossFit Level 1 Trainer

In the early part of 2015 I was advised to buy a book called ‘Becoming a Supple Leopard’ which was the teaching of a new way of fitness – CrossFit. Immediatly I realised that this style of exercise made complete sense and straight away started to teach myself certain moves and complete WODs finding the results fantastic…


Performance Nutritionist / Coach

His goal was to revolutionise athletes’ nutrition in strength and conditioning. He works collaboratively with individual athletes and their coaching teams to develop tailor-made nutrition plans that deliver peak performance results.

Maria Shyla

Yoga Instructor

…CrossFit and yoga complement each other so well. When CrossFit takes me out there, pushes my limits and tests my strength, yoga brings me back to myself, calms my nerves and balances my mind. I finished my yoga teaching training in…

Tom Collins


Aphobos CrossFit Level 1 Trainer

In May 2017 Aphobos welcomed Tom to the Aphobos apprenticeship program. Tom has now taken and passed his level 1  (July 17). Tom can now take CrossFit classes on the timetable as he continues to learn, shadow and develop a further knowledge of CrossFit.


Aphobos CrossFit L1 Trainer

As a Junior Coach, I want to be there when people jump on the box for the first time, run 400m without stopping, touch their toes with ease, finish a WOD and smile on those days we struggle.

Any Questions for the Aphobos Team?

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