Experienced CrossFit Coach

This role is ideal for a CF L1 / L2 Coach with 2 or more years experience coaching at a CF affiliate.

We are looking for coaches who want to expand their experience and gain knowledge of enhancing an expanding affiliate and be part of a team who take pride in our knowledge of body movement, physical development and
creating a well-rounded athlete that is able to take on all physical demands and the demands of daily life.

We care about our members development, we are passionate about what we do, we are a very ambitious, courageous, strong-willed team who are on the same journey to be better for ourselves and our members. We pride ourselves by our knowledge and to act as inspiration in terms of physical fitness and personal development for our members.

We are here to change lives, not just nurture them, we develop confidence, provide a constant learning and a unique community that is driven by support and a sense of respect.

What is my role?

You are being employed on a self-employed basis as a Full Time Coach, you will work a minimum of 8 hours on the Aphobos CrossFit class Calendar and allow for the business growth, which may involve further CrossFit classes, additional programmed classes (such as Lift, Senior Strength) and Fundamental session a week and be available to support the further team with holiday cover, events etc.


Apprentice to CrossFit Coach

We are looking for L3 Personal Trainers / Strength Coaches to join our apprenticeship development program.

Ideal for a personal trainer with less than 3 years experience under their belt, and/or with limited real world experience in the fitness industry.

The expectations of the apprenticeship is that they will be an athlete for 3 months before shadowing the coach for a minimum of 3 months, this will also involve time to allow for 121’s, learning & development plus practical and written tests along the way.

Learning & Development:

The areas that will be developed in the first 3 months are;

– Understanding the Fundamental Movements and how to deliver Fundamentals
– How to take an intro (a big part of what we do is selling the product we are passionate about)
– Spotting problems and providing the correct and relevant fix
– Understanding and having a basic knowledge of mobility for key fixes
– Delivering a class and how to motivate during a WOD
– The difference between a Cheerleader and Coach
– Providing feedback to members and how to interact with a variation of people
+ taking the CF Level 1 + Anatomy yourself with Head Coach support (previous personal training or sports science qualification would be preferable)

Why Should I join this Team?

I want to work in an environment that I can grow, I can be part of something that is growing and is providing opportunities for me to grow as a coach and develop a well-rounded client based that allows me opportunities to increase my earnings as well as knowledge, experience and develop further within the team with opportunities that become available as the business grows.

What do Aphobos want from me?

We want a Coaching Team to offer the best coaching, advice and support to our members inside and outside of classes. We want our coaches to be at the top of their knowledge, constantly seeking ways to improve their learning and foundation knowledge. We want staff to strive to be better, to be proud to be part of Team Aphobos and want we to grow together. We want our coaches to be responsible, self-sufficient and trustworthy and taking pride in what they do.



If you feel you could be the right person for the job, please email us directly, attaching your CV and a covering letter and we’ll take it from there.

Please make sure you include at least your contact details, qualifications, references and any other information which will be useful to your application:


‘The never-ending journey to becoming the best version of ourselves”