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What Our Members Say

What our clients say

Friendly and fun, quality-coaching! Amazing huge newly-built space! The coaches are really caring and put all they’ve got into what they do at the box. Such an amazing and lovely people! I joined Aphobos more than a year ago when I just moved to the UK and it’s been the best thing I did, every one there made me feel so comfortable and fit in the new environment, lovely and caring people with good understanding of quality in what they do, can’t recommend enough!

Poppy Alghassi

I joined in August 2020 and Gemma, Danny and the whole team have made me feel so welcome and included! I have learnt so much already and to know I have not even touched the tip of the iceberg excites me!!! I feel they have created a safe (and huge) space for me to learn, progress and improve and it makes me happy to step into the box and be part of the CrossFit family. Thank you Aphobos.

Che Lau

I love it here, it’s so friendly and the coaching is excellent, I have been improving at Aphobos since Jan 2016 and I’m still not bored, in fact I’m loving it more every month. Loads of different focus classes, Gymnastics, Skills & Strength improvement sessions, Weightlifting, Yoga, Mobility alongside the usual CrossFit sessions. If you’ve never tried CrossFit, this is the place to come but beware it’s addictive 💪💪

Pauline Boyle

I am 57 and joined Aphobos in September 2020 after more than 25 years of inactivity. I have found a many of the workouts difficult but in all cases the coaches have scaled the exercises so that I can join in with the rest of the class. At no stage have I felt neglected as soon as I struggle the coach changes my exercise to allow me to continue. It is a slow process but I am improving. From day one I have felt included and encouraged by Danny, Gemma and the coaches as well as the other members.

Paul Bender

I have trained in several gyms and boxes and to be honest I have not seen people more passionate and caring about their jobs. It’s amazing the quality of the box in technical and human terms. You try it, you gonna love it.

Alejandro Diaz

I’ve gone to a few CrossFit gyms over the years both in Bromley and central London. For me this gym isn’t comparable to others. Better coaches. Better owners. Better equipment even in the old box. And better members. When choosing gyms I didn’t even have to think as to which one I wanted to be a member of.

Matthew Dyer

A fantastic CF box. Awesome brand new facilities with great & knowledgeable coaches! It’s perfect for either complete beginners or the veterans and everyone else in between. I am just annoyed I didn’t start earlier!!

Ben Johns

I was recommended Aphobos by one of the girls I play rugby with and joining was the best decision I ever made! The standard of coaching is second to none, and the variety of classes keeps staying motivated a breeze. Before I joined I had been struggling with a hip injury I picked up playing 7s last summer and with the help of the mobility classes, yoga and the coaches correcting technique, it has alleviated the ache/pain completely. I’m a relatively new member starting at the end of Feb, and I can really see/feel the difference already. I’m so much stronger and fitter than I’ve ever been! The co-owners took Covid in their stride, moving from the physical box to a completely virtual environment in under a week which was incredible. Members still receive the same high level of coaching and classes from the comfort of our own home/garden, which has been a lifesaver in lockdown! Thanks for everything Aphobos!

Rebecca Hall