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What our clients say

I’ve been with AphobosCrossFit since the October ‘18 and have not looked back! Absolutely love it. What sets them apart from the other CrossFit boxes I’ve attended (which are great!) is the emphasis on mobility and technique. The class frequency has also increased and that’s perfect for my schedule. The workout plans are consistent and well scaled for all abilities. Workouts are also scaled if you are returning from injury. What I’ve also seen is every coach and member build each other up consistently. Lots of happy people in one place. The newly qualified coaches are mentored and flourish in confidence. Do a trial class, get your foot through the door and you’ll become stronger and happier!

Nicole Newton-Williams

I have never had to motivate myself to workout since joining Aphobos because I genuinely look forward to every session! The coaches are amazing: an esoteric understanding of what they do and always on hand to ensure your form is perfect and you’re getting the most out of the workout. As an absolute beginner to crossfit I cannot recommend Aphobos enough. A diverse range of members with a diverse range of goals. A genuinely supportive and positive community to be a part of!

Becca Keyworth

An outstanding box and coaches!!! Having been with Aphobos for a few months I can wholeheartedly recommend it to everyone! Aphobos goes beyond a crossfit box were members simply turn up to train and exercise, the coaches will all take a vested interest in each individual members goals and give nothing less than 100% of their time and effort to help everyone achieve it, with detailed help on a variety of different topics such as diets, nutritional advice and mobility. This is furthered by all the members bringing extremely positive mentalities into the box and make it a place where people of all ages and experience are very welcome and encouraged to achieve their best.

Richard Court

I have been at Aphobos for nearly 4 years and whilst my progress hasn’t always been linear, the trend has always been upwards. The first day is a humbling experience; everyone seems to know the movements, the lexicon (AMRAP, WoD, Rx…), and also each other. I was unable to do a push-up without collapsing through my mid-line or even a single pull-up. The coaches, however, are quick to bring you into the fold and work tirelessly to not only create a fun-filled environment into which you feel included and comfortable enough to make mistakes, but also one in which you are offered training adaptations which are specific to your personal needs and requirements. The existing members too are also friendly and welcoming. There are no egos here. Although progress can seem initially slow, the coaches hold you back for a purpose. Developing a base level of strength, as well as a knowledge and awareness of movement patterns, is essential. You will notice how far you have progressed when after a number of months you walk back into a regular gym and can’t help but see the glaring flaws in the movement mechanics of those around you. My hope going into CrossFit was that I would advance my strength and stamina. Whilst those have undoubtedly improved, I have also discovered a natural predisposition towards rowing, no doubt in part due to my above average height. On this front my skill has been nurtured and encouraged. Further, I have also developed a passion for gymnastics, ignited by the skill of head coaches Gemma and Danny and the ingenious methods they use to teach the subject – how they are able to come up with new ideas week-on-week never ceases to surprise me. The primary gifts which the coaches have bestowed upon me during my time at Aphobos are perhaps not those which would be immediately expected. Upon starting, Gemma was quick to spot a weakness in my glutes and also a relative lack of back strength – no doubt the result of endless hours of sitting hunched over a desk during my working life, as well as a lifetime of flat-feet. Working to combat this via a suggested combination of strength training and mobility has, over the years, facilitated a significant improvement in my posture. The coaches and time spent at Aphobos have also enabled me to experience an increase in confidence which has had massive transfer into my life outside the box. CrossFit is not easy. Techniques take time to develop and strength takes time to build. But being part of the community at Aphobos makes the process highly enjoyable, with the resulting improvements a happy and natural by-product!

Jake Whittaker

I was recommended this gym by my work friend and it was the best thing I’ve done all year. As a complete fitness novice, it was intimidating but Aphobos lives up to its name of having no fear. You’re in the best hands with all the coaches. The community and people I’ve met have all been so friendly and welcoming. They also inspire me to push myself when I see their achievements. A special shout out to Vanessa and Remi, who started me on my journey, taught me the movements and shared their love of CrossFit. Also Danny, who always makes me laugh, shares his knowledge and is able to tailor the workouts to people like me and those that have a high level of fitness. Finally to Matt, thank you for teaching me and sharing your expertise, as well as motivating and caring for me when I think I can’t do something. No-one is ever ‘too fit’ or ‘fit enough’ to do the workouts with ease, even those with a high level of fitness experience have found the workouts tough. But, having done 3 months so far, I can say that anyone with any level of fitness will be able to do the workouts as long as you’re willing to listen and give it your best.

Arasi Sathi

I was recommended Aphobos by one of the girls I play rugby with and joining was the best decision I ever made! The standard of coaching is second to none, and the variety of classes keeps staying motivated a breeze. Before I joined I had been struggling with a hip injury I picked up playing 7s last summer and with the help of the mobility classes, yoga and the coaches correcting technique, it has alleviated the ache/pain completely. I’m a relatively new member starting at the end of Feb, and I can really see/feel the difference already. I’m so much stronger and fitter than I’ve ever been! The co-owners took Covid in their stride, moving from the physical box to a completely virtual environment in under a week which was incredible. Members still receive the same high level of coaching and classes from the comfort of our own home/garden, which has been a lifesaver in lockdown! Thanks for everything Aphobos!

Rebecca Guild

Absolutely brilliant place. Superb coaches, friendly people. You will be made to feel very welcome and you will get loads out of it regardless of ability or fitness level when you start. Great atmosphere at Aphobos – no egos and no posers.

Andy Blake

I have been a member of Aphobos for 3.5 years now, and it has become such a huge part of my life. Not only am I in the best shape I have ever been in, but I have made some amazing friends who will always be some of my closest. The coaching at Aphobos is unparalleled, I am forever impressed by the knowledge the coaches have. The atmosphere is also one of the best I have ever experienced. The community is so strong. Top of my social life highlights now are the big socials we have, it is like having a second family. During the lockdown because of Covid-19, Aphobos virtual box has been my saving grace. The spontaneity and creativity the coaches had from the start took all of us by surprise I think. They have created a virtual box SO well that it is almost as if they knew a lockdown was going to happen. The workouts are just as beasty, there are so many classes on offer for all abilities, and the coaches still do an amazing job – how I don’t know, it must be tough, but they take it in their stride. I honestly couldn’t imagine my life without Aphobos now, I’ve loved every moment. Bring on the next 3.5 years!

Felicity Hamilton-Cox