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We understand that joining a gym can be overwhelming, and perhaps you’ve tried it before but something has not worked! At Aphobos, we are committed to educating people independent of age, gender, or physical ability. We strive to be the best at what we do, so we can deliver the best advice, support, and results to our members. Where you start and where you finish will be life-changing, both physically and emotionally. We can offer a healthier and fitter lifestyle with achievable results from day one!

You will look back at your first CrossFit class and think it is the best decision you have ever made. When you step into Aphobos CrossFit, you instantly become part of the family. Our community, inspirational stories, along with the achievements of our members, are what make us truly special.

We know nutrition plays a huge role improving your health and performance.

Nutrition can be a minefield when trying to decipher what, how much and when to eat. At Aphobos we want you to use nutrition to improve your performance both in and out of the gym.

We are proud to be working with the team at pH Nutrition, who will provide you with the tools, education and support to move away from a diet and towards a sustainable nutrition plan.

They work with everyone from elite athletes to new members and the coaches live and breathe nutrition. They really do practise what they preach!

We have a range of plans to suit your needs, whether this is fat loss, muscle gain or overall health and wellbeing.

Nutrition Advice via PHNutrition Bolt-on £10+VAT (monthly subscription)

Find out more about pH Nutrition here.

It’s not just Fitness - It’s Lifestyle!

With our growing program offerings, regardless of your fitness level or experience, we have something for you! Our extensive program design has years of results and member testimonials, and we are proven to improve your fitness level, lifestyle, and life. Whether you are looking for a new start, to lose weight, to move better for your kids, or to compete in the world of CrossFit, we’ve got you. Click on one of our programs below to find out more.

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